Travelling in a Motorhome, RV or Campervan

Traveling in a motorhome, RV or campervan are options for anyone to see a country and visit those remote parts you can’t get to by public transport.

It gives you freedom, it saves you lots of money and you can travel and live very cheaply.

There are several ways in which you can receive free accommodation while traveling in a RV or motor home. These include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Boondocking or Free Camping – this is where you can park your vehicle and pay nothing to stay, such as a Wallmart carpark, a national park etc.
  • Driveaway or Relocating a motorhome – this is where you take a vehicle from one city to another for a rental company and don’t pay for the rental and sometimes you are given a petrol voucher too.
  • RV or Motorhome exchange – you can exchange your motorhome with someone else who has a motor home in the same country or another part of the world!
  • Hosting RVs - Parking in peoples driveways, pubs in the UK, wineries in France

Traveling in an RV is one of the cheapest ways to travel, especially if you are Boondocking , as you can save on accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner and even tea and coffee as this can cost a fortune. You have everything you need at hand, your camera, your laptop and sometimes even a toilet (if you opt for that accessory in your motorhome).

We have spent many hours looking for accommodation and it can become very frustrating and stressful when you can’t find a place to stay but with a motorhome you can in many cases just pull up and park. That's what Boondocking is all about.

You might be contemplating a longer trip in a motorhome or even living in one for a few years or more! But why travel in a motorhome? Glen and Steve talk about why they have been traveling in an RV for so long and still love it.

I will give you links to information that might inspire you to research further.

There are many options for traveling in a motorhome

You can buy a second-hand van that might cost $1000 upwards and convert it or you can spend $300,000 on a beautiful new motorhome. It all depends on your budget and how you want to travel.

Funding a motorhome trip is always a challenge. Glen and Steve share their story with how they've been traveling for thirteen years.

One option is to relocate motorhomes from city to city for hire companies, sometimes there is a nominal fee and sometimes there is no cost and there could be assistance with petrol. The catch is you have to be available and you have a deadline to the destination – so being flexible is the key. There is no point saying – “ I want to go to Sydney from Adelaide on Saturday 10th June for two weeks”. The chances are highly unlikely there will be anything available.

travelling in a motorhome

If you already own a motorhome then maybe you’d consider swapping your motorhome with someone else who lives in another country. Take a look at this story about Steve and Glen who have swapped all around the world and had amazing holidays and met really interesting people.

You can even rent a campervan or motorhome and save money. You can share the cost with a friend or two, find out where to camp for free, save money on meals and drinks by making your own or buying from a supermarket.

Another very cheap way is to consider buying a van,something like a Ford Transit Van and doing a basic conversion, using it for three or four months and then selling it when you get back home or at the airport.

Where to stay

If you don’t want to pay exorbitant fees at caravan parks and don't want to park on the road, some options become really interesting.RV Boondocking and Free Campgrounds are fantastic options and many RV'ers use this. It will save you loads of money and you'll meet many like-minded travelers from a vast array of backgrounds.

There are several hosting database websites you can access and online groups that you can join which list addresses and organizations that host RV's for free, including a whole range of wineries and farms across the US, pubs all over the UK, and even Wal-mart parking lots.

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