Relocating motorhomes or campervan

Relocating motorhomes, RVs or campervans is something not many people know about

How would you like to see the countryside, sleep on board and only pay for petrol? Sometimes this gets paid for too.

Sounds great and it is possible because rented motor-homes and vans often must be returned to a capital city somewhere else. This is called Relocation and many Hire companies have lists of vehicles which must be moved.

You must register on their Website, select your destination and be ready to pick up the vehicle on the day and deliver it within their allocated time. Sometimes you are are given a month to arrive and sometimes only a few days but it enables you to travel vast distances for almost nothing. Pricing and mileage rates vary widely around the world for relocation so you must check this out first. Of course you need a full driving license and a credit card to provide a refundable deposit.

A very popular site is

Other popular hiring websites are

Budget campervans

Look at the appropriate sites for the country you'd like to visit.

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