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Read this and you will save $1000's on your next holiday and obtain FREE accommodation too!

Yes it’s true - I have been organising free accommodation for over 20 years and I’m going to tell you how you can have excellent holidays whether it's for the family or you're on your own backpacking all over the world - doing it this way you can save $1000’s on accommodation, car hire, food and kennel bills - yes your dog can benefit too!

There are many ways to organize your free accommodation

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This is a house we exchanged in Sydney and we even took Grandma and Grandad. To rent out a five bedroom holiday house for two weeks with a pool in Sydney would have cost over $3000

So whether you’re a single backpacker wanting free accommodation, a couple embarking on a world trip or looking for a budget family holiday I know you’ll find this information useful So explore this site and find out what to do next.

  • All different types of free accommodation and how to have a successful stay
  • Are you a newby to backpacking? There are loads of tips from experienced backpackers on how to find free accommodation
  • Organising a successful Budget Family Holiday that everyone enjoys and remembers
  • Would you like to have a working holiday abroad? What sort of work could you do?
  • Do you need to know about quality cheap travel insurance; well there is an organization which is a little different to the rest
  • How to get a motor home or campervan rent free and how to get the most out of travelling in a motor home or campervan
  • What will you do with the cat or dog while you are away? This is always a problem, but we have the perfect solution
  • Visiting London and discover all the things you can see and do for free
  • This is what I did

    In 1988 I organised a trip for my young family to the US by arranging a home exchange. This was our first experience and after that we were hooked.

    There are organizations you can join (not Timeshare) where you can exchange your home with someone else's for a holiday. Alternatively you can host people while you’re in your house.

    In some cases when you swap homes you might look after a dog, cat or gold fish. You might have access to a car or a boat – it all depends on what you agree to.

    More recently and after the kids had left home; we spent six months touring Europe staying with people and swapping homes and enjoyed over 100 nights of free accommodation but more importantly our lives were enriched by meeting these like minded travelers and finding out about their way of life and their country.

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    All around the world there are people who will accommodate travelers for one or two nights in a spare room or on a couch free of charge. This is a really great way to travel!

    It might be in the middle of a city, at a beach or in the country. It may be in a house, a caravan or in an apartment or cottage.

    There are also free organizations where you can list yourself as a host or a visitor who wants to stay with people for a short time; or both (which is preferable) all over the world.

    I have done this many times. My family and I have swapped with others from the US, UK, NZ, Australia, Spain, Germany to name a few. We have hosted people from South America, Africa, France, UK, US and China and we have had the most wonderful experiences doing so.

    If you enjoy meeting people and traveling – sharing experiences with the locals and having as many holidays as flights you can afford or as far as your car will take you, then just read on.

    Free Accommodation for Holidays and Travellers
    Free Accommodation from backpacking around the world to a budget family holiday. This extensive travel guide is written by travellers who have had over 20 years experience of finding accommodation.
    Vacation Home exchange, holidays around the world
    Vacation home exchange or house swaps is a fabulous way to travel around the world. It is free accommodation and has huge benefits to both parties. It's ideal for families, couples old & young
    House Sitting All Over the World for Fabulous Low Cost Holidays
    International house sitting is a great way to get top quality free accommodation and travel around the world
    Hospitality ,couchsurfing, Home Stay
    Hospitality, Couchsurfing or Home Stay is a great way to get free accommodation while exploring a country, meeting interesting people and having great holiday
    Working Holidays Abroad
    Working Holidays Abroad, would you like a job overseas? There are thousands of jobs available offering a salary or accommodation and meals in exchange for volunteering.
    Wwoofing Working on Organic Farms in Exchange for Accommodation
    Wwoofing - Would you work for accommodation while travelling? Working on Organic Farms in Exchange for Accommodation
    Volunteering abroad,
    Volunteering abroad is one of the most rewarding ways to see the world and you can make a difference too.
    Backpacking Free Accommodation around the world
    Backpacking Free Accommoation, around the world, find lots of tips about free accommodation
    Teaching English as a Second Language
    Teaching English as a second Language is one way to visit countries, live with the locals and become involved in the community
    dog friendly accommodation and other lovely pets
    Dog friendly accommodation, the friendliest accommodation for you dog is their own home, so why not engage someone to stay in you house and look after your precious pooch
    Cultural experiences - Stories through travel
    Cultural experiences through travel help us develop an understanding of other cultures. Read some of the experiences of other travellers and how they have also enjoyed free accommodation.
    Buying a Vehicle
    Buying a vehicle in an other country for your holiday is not easy - so here are some pointers
    Getting around
    Getting around using a satalite navigation unit is a good way to get to your destination without arguments while travelling
    Travel Insurance
    Travel Insurance is essential, we used World Nomads and they were very competitive and an ethical company to deal with
    Free Accommodation Travel Blog
    Free accommodation for world travel. I save $1000's while getting free accommodation for over 20 years and love it. I meet new people and have amazing experiences worldwide.
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    Couchsurfing - cycling with free accommodation around the world
    Families are Welcome
    Holidays can be expensive and difficult to organise at the best of times, but when you have a family there are so many other things you need to think about.
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